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Local Bird news

02/06/2011 11:31

All morning spent on Thornhill Wetlands Reserve at Kerries in Ossett .

There is much improved bird passage along this part of the Calder Valley.

There are at least 4 new Reed Warblers on the Reserve at Kerries Foods with a new Grasshopper Warbler reeling at the 2nd top half of the reserve.Another 3 Sedge Warblers are present this morning along with 2 new Garden Warblers.

Swifts are still moving stadily up the valley but the numbers are not as high possibly due to the improved weather conditions.

A Common Tern passed the reserve at 08:10 hours going steadily westwards towards Dewsbury.

Most of the activity was between 07:00 and 09:30 hours.

A pair of Bullfinches were continuosly coming on to the reserve and 2 Oyster catchers were coming off the Sewage works then returning about every half Hour or so.

There was no sign of the Cettis warbler observed on  the previous two days.