Its worth a visit

Local Birding News

05/01/2011 10:38

A visit to Thornhill Wetlands and Dewsbury Sewage Farm yesterday produced interesting observations of Ducks on the river calder.

A female Smew was swimming with a party of Goldeneye(of which there was 16 birds) this bird took off after being disturbed by dog walkers on the oppositte river bank.Also a single female Red Breasted Merganser was in company with three Goosanders up by the Hotworks Mill area of the river.3 Gadwall were also swimming around the Hotworks Mill stretch of the river together with a party of 28 Wigeon and 16 Common Teal.

On Dewsbury Sewage Farm Meadow Pipits are slightly down on previouse weeks but still around 85 birds are still feeding on the sprinkler beds on this occassion being remorselesy pursued by a never tiring Sparrow Hawk which was even seen to pursue the birds on foot.Pied Wagtails are still present in good numbers with around 160 birds again feeding on the sprinkler beds.

5 Bullfinches weere present on Thornhill Wetlands reserve with 8 Long Tailed Tits on the Fat Ball feeders,both sexes of Great Spotted Woodpeckers feeding on the nut feeders together with 5 Great Tits and 6 Blue Tits.

There was no sign of the Woodcock which arrived during the severe weather but there is at least 5 Common Snipe on the reserve and Water Rails calling from two locations.8 Robins are on the reserve at the moment and a single Chiff Chaff is still to be found feeding on the perimeter fence of the Sewage Works (see photogallery).