Its worth a visit

Local Breeders continue to arrive.

20/05/2014 19:59

Both Reed and Sedge Warblers  continue to increase on local sites.Dewsbury Sewage Works now has 7 singing male Reed Warblers along with 6 singing Sedge Warblers nearby on Kerries small marshy area there are 3 singing Sedge Warblers and a singing Reed Warbler.

Also  on Dewsbury Sewage works this morning single Little Ringed Plover circling  for half hour calling apparently trying to land but frustrated with the lack of suitable habitat.Hopefulluy if the ongoing compost buisness keeps expanding habitat will once again appear for this species as space for stockpiling the compost is needed.

Also nearby Drake Mandarin Duck on the river Calder near Dewsbury.3 pair of Canada Geese now hace 7 young each on the River Calder on the Ossett side of the valley.

Beware the Giant Hogweed plants growing on the banks of the calder in our area.A woman who let her dog wonder amongst these plants 2 days ago then held the dog to her face was half an hour later rushed to hospital with an allergic reaction her face very badly swolles.These plants are to be avoided (see picture gallery 2 for illustration.