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Local Little Owl chicks on the verge

15/06/2018 14:33

A local brood of Little Owl chicks are now on the verge of leaving their nesting box.The Chicks are more and more standing on the outside of the box calling anxousely for their parents to return with food then after feeding returning inside the box.

The Ossett Barn Owls will be pleased to see their main hunting fields being cut making their quest for food much easier.This coincides well with the imminent arrival of their new brood.

It is good to see several broods of Titmice being fed on the wing in the Flushdyke andd Earlsheaton area with at least 3 broods of Great and 2 broods of Blue tits noted yesterday totalling 14 Great chicks and 9 Blue tit chicks noted.

The Earlsheaton Shellduck chicks are all doing well and now on the sewage works at Earlsheaton there is 3 broodss of young Coot,4 broods of mallard s,a single brood of 2 Little Grebe chicks all doing well though many eggs have been predated this year including Canada geese(2 pairs) Pheasant(5 nests) and Mallard (4 nests ) not forgetting a single Long Tailed Tits  nest predated at the egg stage by Magpies'