Its worth a visit

Local Swifts back at their breeding sites and good numbers of Hirrundines gather for a feast.

30/04/2018 19:12

There was several Swifts feeding above the site of the Ossett Brewery  complex this afternoon.Also small numbers of Swifts where soaring high above the railway marshalling yards at Horbury Bridge.

Nearby on the compost heaps located just below the lowermost fields of Pidacre,Chickenley around 500 Hirrundines mainly House Martins (300 approx) and Swallows(around the 200 mark where spilling over om to the nearby sewage works,There is some huge columns of insects(small black flies)clinging to the hedgerows on this site at the moment due to the weather conditions.It is virtualy impossible to walk past these columns of flies without getting some of them in your mouth and ultimately in your throat.

Nearby a single Sedge Warbler is on full song just down from the sewage works metal border fnce along with 1 Garden Warbler,3 singing Whitethroats and at least 4 Blackcaps.

Again today Common Buzzards where soaring above both the  Ossett bypass and at the entrance to the M1 Motorway at 

Roundwood Ossett

There are several Orange Tip Butterflies around the Pildacre fields at the moment