Its worth a visit

lockdown bringing nothing but benefits for Local Breeding Birds.

27/05/2020 10:59

A female Sparrow Hawk was hunting around the brewers Pride public house this morning at 07:15 for abpout 10 minutes.2 Kestrels where on the wires at the bottom of Healy Road before chasing off towards Mill Bank Thornhill.

48 Herring Gulls where on the filter beds at Dewsbury Sewage Works along with 32 Black Headed Gulls with 85 Common Swifts and 24 House Martins with no sign of movement from the Swifts just being content to feed up on the numerous Black Flies and Midges so conspicuos this morning.

There was no sign of the tiny newly hatched Goosander chicks this morning but it was nice to see Kingfishers entering their nesting burrow with food

Access to the local Sand Martin colony sites as become almost impossible since the lockdown so numbers there cant be assesed at the moment.Hopefuly when things begin to ease access will again be possible.

The present lockdown seems to have brought nothing but benefit to the local bird breeding population with excellent numbers of Whitethroats,Blackcaps.Goldfinches and Bullfinches busy nesting at various locations and smaller numbers of species like Garden Warbler(2 pairs localy)Greenfinches,all three thrush species and both Chiff Chaff and Willow Warblers all doing well.

2 Barn Owls can be seen at the moment hunting during the day in lower Pildacre