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Long staying Black Redstart showing well again in North Ossett Churchyard.

22/03/2017 16:22

The long staying Black Redstart is again showing well in North Ossett Churchyard though it is elusive later in the morning towards lunchtime.The Peregrine Falcons which have spent the last two months roosting on the church appear to have moved on as there have been no recent sightings.Detailed studies of the 2 Peregrines have suggested that the 2 birds where of the same sex ruling out the chances of a breeding event.It is hoped that maybe one of the 2 males will find a mate and return to the site in the near future with a new female bird and do the honours.

Elsewhere there are now 3 singing Chiff Chaffs in the Dewsbury/Ossett part of the Calder Valley 2 on Kerries copse below Pildacre Chickenley and the other on Dewsbury Sewage Works.

Ducks are again returning to the area hopefully to breed including 4 Gadwall and 3 Shovellers and now just 38 Teal which are left over from the wintering flock on Dewsbury Sewage Works.

Therer are now 3 Oyster Catchers frequenting the banks of the Calder around the Saville Town area of Dewsbury.1 pair are displaying on a regular basis and hopefully will stay and breed.A single Green Sandpiper is still on the Calder around the Mill Bank area below Thornhill Cricket Club.