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Migrants arrive in the Tanji area of the Gambia

18/11/2014 17:17

Phones where ringing early yesterday as arrivals of Subalpine Warblers where reported inggardens in the Brufoot Gardens  andin similar areas along the coast.Also further up country at Cibano village good numbers of Pallid Swifts going North early morning.Also several parties of European Bee Earters amongst 32 Little Swifts going North.

3 Pearl Spotted Owlettes where callingat different locations in the village and 2 Red Necked Falcons where harassing domestic chickens with small chicks.

8 Pink Backed Pelicans came in fromthe South at 0930.

One striking feature ofthe daywas the millions of Zebra white Butterflies along the beach and road at Tanji.Every bush being covered with 30 or 40 Butterflies many pereshing onthe road and beach.