Its worth a visit

Migrants creep slowly into the valley.

09/05/2019 07:26

There are now 12 singing Reed Warblers on the sewage works below Earlsheaton.Another 5 birds must have arrived over the last couple of days.Still no Sedge Warbler on my patch or Garden Warblers.

12 Blackcaps are singing between Healy Road Ossett and Chickenley as well as 12 Common Whitethroats.

Now there are 6 Oyster Catchers on Dewsbury Sewage Works with 2 Lapwings and a single Little Ringed Plover.

Large Gulls are still around the 200 mark with at least 180 Herring Gulls mainly second year birds.Black Headed Gulls number around 340

There are still 8 Cormorants and 3 Goosanders around The Mill Bank area of Thornhill with 2 Shoveller,6 Gadwall(3 pairs)2 Tufted Duck and 4 Teal.

2 Grey Lag Geese and 2 Shellduck are recorded daily now and presumably in due course youngsters are going to appear.