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Mild weather a bonus for bird survival in Winter but continuing rainy conditions wreaking havok with local sites

09/01/2016 18:50

Anyone who has walked my part of the Calder Valley on a regular basis this Winter will have noticed great changes in the local habitat.I dont know how many times the river Calder has burst its banks this Winter but the mess it leaves behind on each occassion is there for everyone to see.Iv never seen as many footballs,plastic bottles and even dead fish scattered several yards away from the river itself on the Earlsheaton dide of the river.

The lack of frosty conditions is great for bird survival as birds find the task of obtaining food easy.Bird feeders I have placed in local spots are taking over a week to empty wereas they are normally emptied in no more than 2 days.

There are 2 wintering Chiff Chaffs in the hedgerow below Pildacre.There are several pillars of insects around the water works fence below Pildacre providing food a plenty for the Chiff Chaffs and they are usualy in the company of Long Tailed Tits.

There was a party of 14 Bullfinches in the hedgerow immediately after the security gate as you leave Kerries Food Factory.This is the largest party I think I have ever seen and does not include the 3 birds that are visiting the nut feeders some 3 or 4 hundred yards away.

On the feeders in Kerries on a daily basis we are getting male and female Great Spotted Woodpecker,1 Willow Tit,5 Chaffinch,5 Great Tits,8 Blue Tits 3 or 4 Bullfinch(1 adult male),1 Goldcrest,4 Wrens,5 Dunnocks,18 Long Tailed Tits.

On the River Calder between Ossett and Dewsbury over the last 2 days 7 Goosander (3 males) 3 Goldeneye (2 adult males) 2 Gadwall  (frequenting the area below Thornhill Cricket Club),up to 12 Cormorants,2 Little Grebes and around 28 Mallard.

Nearby on Dewsbury Sewage Works at the moment 10 Shoveller,c180 Teal,6 Grey Herons.There are Water rails calling in 2 locations on the works and 3 Mute Swans are frequenting the works briefly on a daily basis.