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My first Swift this morning

22/04/2020 09:00

A Common Swift was hawking around the area by the railway embankment of Mill Bank Thornhill just adjacent to the Networl Rail office block.

The bird made several passes as it slowly made its way Eastwards at around 07:20

A single Yellow Wagtail is still feeding on the easterly filter beds completely on its own this morning with no other wagtails for company.The lone Common Whitethroat found singing in Hawthorne bushes in lower Pildacre is still present but as yet is the only one of that species present in that area.A male Sparrow Hawk is patiently scouring the river bank this morning at the bottom of Healy Road Ossett and there is still a single Green Sandpiper on the pebble bed just oppositte Kerries foods factory.Sand Martins up to now have been in short supply with 4 birds feeding around thefilter beds on Dewsbury Sewage Works along with 8 Swallows.