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My local Sand Martin Colony attacked by Mink

10/06/2011 19:13

I recieved a phone call from a colleague of mine this afternoon describing an attack on my local Sand Martin colony at Ossett(which held around 32 pairs of birds mostly with well developed youngsters).Whilst routinely observing the colony from the oppositte river bank a great panic suudenly happened as a mink ran below the colony before climing almost verticaly to reach the burrows and snatching youngsters from their nesting holes as they sat waiting for their parent birds to arrive with food.

The Mink was seen to repeat this feat about fifteen times each occassion making off with its prize no doubt to its expecting youngsters in a nearby nest.The animal had no problem reaching the burrows and on some occassions wedgeing itself into the hole to reach birds which were at the back of the burrow.

It is hoped we can catch this animal before the colony is completely wiped out.