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Nearly all Summer birds departed but still life in the valley

03/10/2018 19:15

I have not seen any local Swallows on my patch since the 26th of September when 6 birds passed very quickly going South East over Horbury Bridge.

There are 2 Chiff Chaff in the Pildacre fields area of Ossett at the moment and activity has stepped up on my feeders in the area with 18 Long Tailed Tits and 5 Great Tits with 2 Great spotted Woodpeckers feeding this morning.

It was good to hear the news of Thousands of Meadow Pipits passing through Wintersett last week but very sad to reflect that dewsbury would have almost certainly had their fair share of this passage had not the decision to drain the last lagoons on Dewsbury Sewage Works been taken by the relevant authorities who control the works.Its only a few years since Meadow Pipits passed through the works in good numbers in Spring and Autumn the birds attracted no doubt by the prospect of food and drink along their long journey South.

Likewise the 400 or so Ducks which used to Winter on the works now have nowhere to feed anmd so now they are gone also.

Jays are very predominant in this part of the calder valley at the moment with regular walks between Horbury and Dewsbury regulary turning up some 30+ birds mainly flying high from North to South and vice verca.

Winter Geese have been arriving and passing through the area with the first skein of just 26 Pink Footed Geese going Westerly on the 26th of September.I was lucky enough to see a nice skein of some 72 birds pass over Swillington RSPB on the 28th as well as seeing both Marsh Harrier and Bittern there on the same morning.