Its worth a visit

No sign of young Kittiwake but plenty to see on the Calder this evening.

21/08/2018 20:36

No sign of the Juvenile Kittiwake from yesterday but still plenty to see on the Calder between Dewsbury and Ossett this afternoon and early evening.

There are are still 2 Little Egrets and 4 Green Sandpipers present in the area on the Calder around the Earlsheaton Dewsbury Sewage Works area and this evening a single Common Sandpiper flew up the Calder just below Millbank Thornhill area.

There where 36 Cormorants on the river just before the road bridge linking Saville Town to Earlsheaton.This is no surprise having noted record numbers of small fish around that area on recent visits.

2 Kingfishers  are actively feeding in the Saville Town area  at the moment and where still active this evening.

I was surprised to notice some 28 Grey Herons perched in the larger trees along the rivers edge below Pildacre these where still present at 20:00 hours