Its worth a visit

Northerly Winds make for colder birding but still things about.

11/09/2013 15:22

10 Shoveller are on Dewsbury Sewage works this morning with 52 Teal and 8 Mallard.3 Common Snipe are on the bed nearest to Hotworks mill also.Thee is still 8 Chiff Chaffs in the area with 3 on Dewsbury Sewage works,5 on Kerries Reserve Ossett.1 Green Sandpiper is on the Cader near the bottom of Healy Road Osset and 28 Lapwing flew East over the sewage works at 10:45.

5 Reed Bunting and 8 Goldfinch and a male Bullfinch are all on kerries reserve this morning.There are 2 feeding flocks of Starling one of 45 birds above Hotworks mill and a party of 78 birds on wires above the office block at dewsbry Sewage Works.