Its worth a visit

Not many Summer Migrants yet but nest building and breeding well under way.

30/03/2019 07:18

A pair of Chiff Chaff are allready busy nest building in lower Pildacre and one pair of Song Thrushes have been sitting on 4 eggs near Dewsbury Town Centre.

A pair of Shellduck which bred succesfully last year near Dewsbury Town Centre last year rearing 11 youngsters returned to the same territory yesterday and at least 3 pair of Buzzards whetre displaying in the Dewsbury area yesterday with 2 individuals carrying nesting material.This is as well as 2 pair of Buzzareds over Ossett and another 2 pair of Common Buzzards in the Horbury and Dacre area.

Just one pair of Sand Martins are frequenting the Ossett colony site at the moment and a single Green Sandpiper is on the banks of the River Calder below Earlsheaton.

There are still 48 Common Teal,6 Gadwall.and 8 Widgeon frequenting Dewsbury Sewage Works where for the last few days at least a thousand Gulls have been present.These consist of approximately 140 Herring Gulls some showing advanced signs of developing diagnostic pale grey mantles,30/35 Lesser Black backed Gulls and at least 750 to 800 Black Headed Gulls

Yesterday 24 Common Snipe where present on Dewsbury Sewage Works.