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Oyster Catcher back on local breeding site.

06/03/2015 00:00

An Oyster Catcher flew up the river Calder nr Earlsheaton this afternoon and landed on the filter beds of Dewsbury Sewage Works calling loudly for about 15 minutes signalling its return to what is now a regular breeding site for the species.What is presumably a male bird will very soon be joined by its partner when there will be much display before hopefully the birds settle down to breed.Also on the sewage works today 14 Shoveller inc 7 males and 7 females,2 Gadwall male and female,2 pairs of Tufted ducks,168 Teal and 62 Mallard.

Pied Wagtails still number around 120 with at least 5 Grey Wagtails.14 Common Snipe are on the central beds of the works.

On the river calder nr Earlsheaton 3 pairs of Goosander and today 28 Cormorants.