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Oyster Catchers make noisy return to local site

28/02/2018 14:51

4 Oyster catchers flew into the Sewage Works at Dewsbury yesterday at 09:20 and immediately began to display.I dont suppose for a second that they have been watching the weather forecasts for the next week or so and it was such a lovely sunny though very chilly morning.

5 Gadwall where on the river Calder below Earlsheaton no doubt being unable to come across any local lagoon that is not frozen.

All of my feeders where completely empty and it allways amazes me how there appears to be no birds aywhere near the feeders until I begin to fill them.

Whitin 20 minutes of the feeders been filled slowly but surely small birds begin to appear.There are allways Robins ever present on the site of my feeders on this occassion some 15 birds picking up the spillings as I pour seed and red monkey nuts into their respective containers I ususaly walh away after filling the feeders have a quick look arouhd the site and then after about 40 minutes return to see whats coming down to feed.

On this occassion the totals where as follows 5 Bullfinch(3 males) 2 Reed Buntings,5 Chaffinch,6 Blue Tits,2 Great Spotted Woodpeckers4 Dunnocks,15 Robins,1 Coal Tit tBlackbirds,3 Song Thrushes

I noticed that one of the Song Thrushes has started using the hardwood interior of my small hide as an anvil as there are many smashed snail shells around one of the legs.

-I hope all peope with feeders will be keeping them full over the coming days when temperatures are set to plummett.