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Oystercatchers starting to re display in the valley( in preparation for a second breeding attempt ?)

16/07/2015 16:42

2 Oystercatchers have begun displaying for a second time in our part of the Calder valley.The birds can be observed between Saville Town  and Earlsheaton calling loudly and gliding on upraised wings parachuting to the ground.The birds where foiled in their first attempt at breeding last month when suspected Carrion Crows robbed the eggs of the birds as they where flushed off the nest by workmen.It is hoped that if they do attempt to breed again they get on with it quickly as it is getting late in the season for these birds to breed again.

There are still 3 Green Sandpiper on Dewsbury Sewage works along with 38 Lapwing.

A good spell of rain would be most welcome as many parts of the valley are dried up with most wetland birds spending time on the river.Hopefully thing will change this week.