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Pair of Peregrines take up residence on Ossett Church.

16/12/2016 13:06

A pair of Peregrine Falcons have become regular visitors to the roof of North Ossett Church in the last couple of weeks.This is an exiting development as our regular male which has been hunting over the fields at Smallwood Lane Shaw Cross has now found a mate.Itseems an excellent area for the Peregrines to set up home together with a good supply of food in the area particularly Wood Pigeons and Crows Hopefully in the coming weeks if the birds do begin to breed we will seek permision to set up a web cam so the birds can be studied more closely.

Elsewhere in our part of the Calder Valley 185 Teal are now in the area around Dewsbury Sewage Works with 5 Shoveller.There is still a single Chiff Chaff on Kerries Foods plantation Ossett and there are good numbers of Redwing