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Peregrine again hunting Wood Pigeons at Shaw Cross and using North Ossett Church as a resting place.

11/03/2016 20:41

A Peregrine and sometimes 2 was hunting Wood Pigeons on Chidswell Lane yesterday morning.There is around 150/160 Wood Pigeons congregating around the Water Tower at Shaw Cross and the Peregrines are seeminly choosing this as their place for hunting at the moment.

They seem to be using North Ossett Church as a resting place with 2 birds being observed perched there occassionaly.

It is also good to find the humble House Sparrow still doing well on Chidswell at the moment.A flock of at least 22 birds where there yesterday and I know that one or two people on the Windsor estate are attracting them with feeders outside their homes.I think Chidswell would be the ideal place for nest boxes for this species.