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Peregrine Falcon again takes up residence on North Ossett Church

31/10/2016 20:31

A male Peregrine Falcon has been seen again perched on the roof of North Ossett Church.These birds have in previouse sightings been found to be hunting over the fields below the Shaw Cross Water Tower where this week there has been an increase in Wood Pigeon numbers to around 140 birds mixing with a newly arrived party of around 135 Lapwings.

Birding in this part of the Calder valley has been generally pretty quiet in spite of the generally spectacular bird arrivals on the Yorkshire East Coast due to the prolonged presence of Easterly winds.

Winter Thrush numbers  are still very small thogh there is a feeding flock of some 18 Long Tailed Tits and my feeders on the reserve at Kerries foods are only been attended by small numbers of Tit mice.

However with the forecast of a cold snap to be on its way things can change very quickly.Duck numbers on the Calder around Earlsheaton are increasing with at the momnt 45 Teal,10 Shoveller.35 Mallard and 3 Little Grebes all showing well.

A single Kestrel is hunting daily on Dewsbury Sewage Works where there is a large female Sparrow Hawk terrorising around 140 Pied Wagtails and 5 Grey Wagtails on an almost daily basis.