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Peregrine Falcon hunting over Horbury Bridge Marshalling Yards

22/04/2021 12:57

A Male Peregrine Falcon was circling high over Horbury marshalling Yards this morning for about 30 minutes before going into a  sudden stoop and stayoing out of site.

A single Little Egret is still in residence on the river Calder just below Earlsheaton and there are still 3 singing Willow Warblers and 4 singing Blackcaps in the Willow plantation below Mill Bank Thornhill.

There is a problem with lone fisherman disturbing both Sand Martins and Kinfishers at the moment with both species struggling to find a safe and secure nesting site there is also some evidence of fisherman being active at night lighting camp fires near to where Sand Martins and Kingfishers are actively trying to breed.I hope that this activity will subside in due course.