Its worth a visit

Peregrines over Dewsbury Centre and Winter Thrushes return to be possibly on their way back home.

23/01/2018 20:35

It is good to hear of Peregrines displaying over Dewsbury this week.After finding 2 regular birds at Ossett turning out to be of the same sex these 2 birds appear to be different in size a potential clue to the birds being each of different sex.

A single bird is still frequenting North Ossett Church on a daily basis and it is hoped this one too will find itself a partner.

The Dewsbury situation appears ideal with a very healthy population of Pigeons and plenty of good old tall buildings for the Peregrines to look around from.

It is good to see good numbers of Winter Thrushes around in local hedgerows once again.A wonderfully undulating flock of around 72 Fieldfares flew South over Sands Lane playing fields at around 09:15 preceded by a couple of bursting flocks of Redwing totaling some 94 birds all again flying away to the South.

It is good to see the lagoons on Dewsbury Sewage works again full of water and the far Western end of the works tydied up with many of the dense brambles on the riverside footpath and on the works being removed.It is hoped this work is been done for the right reasons as in just a few weeks Spring migrants will begin to work their way through this site including the resident breeding Reed and Sedge Warblers.

There are 22 Cormorants on the Calder below Saville Town at the moment with some of them showin off very attractive pale grey heads.There are 142 Teal and 3 Shoveller on Dewsbury Sewage Works at the moment but very little else.

On my Ossett feeders this morning still 18 Blue Tits,9 Great Tits,14 Robins,5 Dunnocks,6 Chaffinch,5 Bullfinch,3 Reed Buntings,2 Great Spotted Woodpeckers(male and female).

I noticed Kerries Foods are extending their car park across the first field right up to the edge of the small copse which has been so good for birds in both Spring and Autumn.It is hoped that they dont have plans to go any further as these fields are excellent places in both Summer and Winter for feeding Mistle Thrushes(last Summer a flock of 42).

Canada Geese are becoming more numerous along the banks of the Calder in the Dewsbury area and this morning there was a flock of some 44 birds on the river just below Earlseaton.A pair of Common Buzzards were in display high above the old Dewsbury Gas works site at 10:45.