Its worth a visit

Pink Feet on their way home early

30/01/2020 13:04

2 medium sized skeins of Pink Footed Geese passed over Dewsbury at 11:00 this morning eventualy merging in to a skein of 72 birds before turning to the North West passing over Earlsheaton and disapearing from view.

This is the route normaly taken by Wintering Pink Feet as the journey back to their  Breeding grounds.

It is good to see small parties of Reed Buntings along the banks of the Calder this morning.3 parties one of 8 birds and 2 more of 6 birds where feeding in and around the sewage works perimeter at around 10:30

It was disapointing  not to see any of our local Barn Owls in their usual roosting habitat this morning.One hopes that the coming weeks will see them returning to their usual breeding area.Its been unusualy quiet for birds localy over the last few weeks with very few small birds about.

A party of 28 Redwings flew Easterly over Healy Road Ossett at 09:30 this morning and there was 182 Black Headed Gulls on Dewsbury Sewage Works mid morning.

Its at least 40 years since I set foot in Crow Nest Park Dewsbury so on Monday of this week I had chance to pay it a visit with my 2 kids.I was taken aback when the first 2 birds i heard where Nutaches one bird calling persistantly around the kids adventure playground and the other around the duck pond.The park is now a well maintained and attractive walking place and hopefully will attract some birds of note in the weeks to come.