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Pink Footed Geese continue to follow their traditional route Eastwards over Dewsbury

21/10/2018 20:15

This morning saw at least 4 good sized skeins of Pink Footed Geese flying high over Earlsheaton sometimes with 3 or 4 stringsof birds.The first 2 parties 1 of around 130 birds was over at 11:15 quickly followed at 11:22 with a further party of some 240 birds following exactly the same flight path.

Some 10 minutes later a party of 4 strings of Pinkfeet totalling some 250 birds again going directly Eastwards flew high above Healy Road Ossett quickly followed by another slightly smaller skein of around 180 birds again flying Eastwards.(52 Pinkfeet flew South West over Ossett onWednesdat morning)

Earlier in the morning at around 09:35 a party of some 52 Fieldfares flew South over Pildacre fields Chickenley.Redwings have been trickling through the area in small but increasing numbers over the last few days with a single party  of 26 birds arriving from the North over Ossett at 11:45 this morning

A single Chiff Chaff is frequenting the eastern border fence of Dewsbury Works at the moment and a feeding flock of some 26 Long Tailed Tits are moving constantly around the Lower Pidacre Earlsheaton area.

A male Sparrow Hawk was soaring for about 20 minutes this morning over Mill Bank Thornhill and 2 Common Buzzards where soaring over Saville Town Dewsbury at 10:15.