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Predation on Nesting Boxes by Grey squirrels on Kerries pointing to a disappointing season for breeding Titmice.

28/06/2014 14:58

A noticeable  absence of young Blue and Great Tits being fed on the wing has brought to the surface a worrying problem on Kerries Reserve Ossett.

On close inspection the majority of Nesting boxes on the Reserve appear to have been damaged around the nesting holes.When the boxes where put up some 4 years ago there where no grey squirrels on the Reserve and even now they are not seen that regulary.However with the regular placing of bird nut feeders on the reserve Squirrel sightings are getting more frequent.As far as i can gather there is only 1 pair of Squirrels on the Reserve but this one pair appears to have done a great deal of harm to our nest box inhabitants and we will now have to un

dertake a substatial repair programme on the boxes to adress the situation.