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Rare Visitor on my local patch today

26/05/2014 18:45

Imagine my surprise today when in the middle of trying to coax singing Reed Warblers to my I Pod from a bed on Dewsbury Sewage Works a Heron flushed from the Reeds uttering a slightly different call.I raised my glasses to have a quick luck and to my surprise instead of the usual grey and black plumage the bird was a distinctive purple and brown colour making it instantly recognisable as a Purple Heron.The bird flew about 15 yards then went down again.What a situation I was in .A bird so rare in these parts its a first for my recording area and on very private land.These birds are very difficult to locate in reed beds as they just disapear but luckily after about 15 minutes the bird took off and started to circle and climb.Even better it came back towards me allowing me to get some pictures of it in flight.The bird slowly moved off Easterly high in the sky and was gone after about 20 minutes.In flight it looked longer winged and somehow slimmer than several Grey Herons which where flying around nearby.The call was not as loud as the Grey Herons and was lower in tone.A cuckoo then flew on to the fence around the Reed Warbler site and called continuosely for about 10 minutes.I will be publishing the pictures of my Purple Heron on my website gallery later today.