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Raven flying Sout East over Dewsbury SF

14/06/2013 06:37


It takes a lot to get me out of a hide when Im in the middle of a photo shoot but this was the situation on Wednesday morning.I was busy photographing Titmice coming to feeders in a recently constructed photo hide when I suddenly heard the distinctive low croaking call of a Raven ,fairly distant at first but getting closer from the North West and continually calling.It came directly over Dewsbury Sewage works and passed fairly low Over the copse at kerries Foods taking around 15 minutes from the time I first located it o its distant passing over Healy Road.The large size and the distinctive wedge shaped tail were clearly visible,the bord flapping very little but mainly slowly circling going more or less South East.I get the impression the bird was a youngster as there was a fledgling type light call sandwiched between the distinctive and diagnostic croaking call.croaking call