Its worth a visit

Recent flooding creating havok on local sites

27/02/2020 13:18

Its several weeks since iv been able to complete a routine check on my routine birding sites and after the recent heavy rains  and floods I have to report the area is in pretty bad shape.

Most of the riverside habitats have been devastated and damage to such things as portable hides etc have been pretty catastrophic with most facilities being simply swept away and beyond repair and the actual area itself being impossible to walk through due to heavy mud subsidence or flooding.

Birdwise very quiet though there are about 32 Pied Wagtails feeding on the compost heaps at the base of lower Pildacre Chickenley and around 330 Black Headed Gulls on Dewsbury Sewage Works along with 42 Teal ,18 Shoveller,11 Gadwall and single Oyster Catcher.

The local Barn Owls have for the moment disapeared but hopefully theyl reappear in the weeks to come.

No raptors this morning but plenty of Fox droppings on my walk this morning.

There are 16 Cormorants on the river bank near Saville Town and in the same area 6 Goosanders 3 males and 3 females along with 7 Goldeneye 3 males.Widgeon are still present in the area with 4 on Dewsbury Sewage works and a pair on the Calder below Earlsheaton.