Its worth a visit

Redpolls make a welcome visit to Feeders

22/09/2015 17:02


A bird whose numbers increased  spectaculary some 30 pr so years ago,Redpolls have become somewhat uncommon over recent times.

This being so it was nice to find 5 birds sat in trees overlooking some bird feeders on private land  near Pidacre Ossett this morning.The birds have a distintive call whilst they are feeding and similary they are also they are easy to pick out by their flight call when they are disturbed.This years Summer visitors are becoming very thin on the ground so it is still nice to see small parties of flying Swallows.6 Swallows where flying over Earlsheaton this morning at around 09:30.

Ducks have yet not arrived in any real numbers but there is still 25 Teal and 2 Shovellers on Dewsbury Sewage Works.Also on the works this morning 5 Chiff Chaff,78 Pied Wagtails and 5 Grey Wagtails.

2 Little Grebes have taken up residency on the River Calder at Ossett along with 2 Goosanders but otherwise the river is quiet.

A Barn Owl is making irregular visits to fields adjacent to Healy Road Ossett in the early evenings.The bird has being reported several times recently and favours fields on the right hand side going down the road just below the solitary red house(converted chappel).