Its worth a visit

Sand Martins on the increase though local migrants still slow to appear.

20/04/2021 01:52

Numbers at my local Sand Martin colonies appear to be on the up with nearly 50 pair of birds either digging or entering holes yesterday.feeding birds on the filter beds of Dewsbury sewage works totalled som38 birds along with 8 Swallows but as yet no House Martins.

There are now 3 singing Willow Warblers along the Railway track below Mill Bank Thornhill along with 4 singing Blackcaps and 4 Chiff Chaff.

The first Mallard ducklings arrived today with 11 ducklings swimming around the footbridge area at the bottom of Healy Road.

4 Common Buzards where displaying above Mill Bank Thornhill mid morning along with 2 Sparrow Hawks and it is good to see 2 pairs of Mistle Thrushes feeding young at the moment.

Its good news that an Otter has been sited and videod localy hopefully theyl stay around awhile and help control our local mink population and help give our river breeding birds a better chance of success.