Its worth a visit

Saturday 10th of September a trip to CIZNEHA a more lush and greener habitat

28/09/2011 13:40

Cizneha dam presents a much more wooded and riverside lind of habitat than we have birded so far and we hoped to ad many new species on this trip.

As we had experienced so far on this trip species were again difficult to come across with much of the woodland beig silent.

A White rumped Swift was located hawking with Red Rumped swallows and House martins to the left of the dam wall.This was deemed as a very good record for this site.Spotted Flycatchers were present at 6 locations and there was good numbers of Azure Winged magpies with a party of 12 birds greeting us as we disemarkedc from our car on arrival.The woodlands were relatively quiet with just 4 Blackcaps,6 Great Tits,4 Coal tits and 8 Blackbirds noted.

We set off for Ifnaza noting on the way some 110 Azure Winged magpies and some good counts of Serins.2 Pied Flycatchers were near the dam wall and there was good numbers of Blackbirds in all areas