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Saturday 10th of September (cont) afternoon session at Virgen de la Sierra

28/09/2011 19:20

We arrived at the base of the site at 14:30 hours.

A single Woodchat Shrike was on the wires behind the restraunt on the main road near the entrance.8 Crested Larks were in the first field at the first stop over layby along with 2 Northern Wheatear 4 Stonechat and 2 Winchat.2 Common Kestrels were on the rocks on the lower part of the climb and 3 Red Legged Partridge flushed from the side of the road just before we reached the quarry.

5 Black  Wheatears were still in the first half of the quarry along with single Blue Rock Thrush and 3 Blackbirds.Goldfinches were everywhere.A Short Toed Eagle was again on the roc face overlooking the quarry.

A party of 16 Chough was in the first little quarry just next to the hay barn near the entrance and ac single Sparrow Hawk  flushed away from just above the barn.Griffon Vultures were allready airborn and in about the first half hour some 22 birds flew to the South high.

A single Peregrine was over the top of the hill and there was 4 Alpine Swifts and 3 Pallid Swifts observed from the observation post nerar the Church.

A brief stop over at the Eagle Owl site at Rio Azore  produced nothing new.There was some 18 Serin drinking from the river and 18 Eropean Bee Eaters flew South at 19:45 hours.The little ravine at the base of the hill held 2 Pied Flycatchers and 4 Blackbirds as wel as 3 Sardinian Warblers.The Eagle Owl failed to show but there was 5 Ravens and 2 Common Kestrels doing acrobatics above the crag.