Its worth a visit

Saturday 19th of March 2011 Breakfast at Lamin Lodge etc

24/03/2011 13:32

Not too much traffic around Serrekunda this morning so our journey to Lamin was fairly smooth.

A Namaqua Dove sitting in a small bush at the entrance to the lodge was a good start to the morning. 3 Sandwhich Terns were fishing around the main area outside the dining area to the lodge.Whimbrel could be heard calling all over the place and several were immediately outside the lodge at the edge of the tide.2 Slender Billed gulls were sat on the moored boat in front of the lodge.

A walk from the lodge around the nearby rice fields was quite productive with our first sighting being a Swallow Tailed Bee Eater perched on the first clump after the local market stalls.A male Marsh Harrier was quartering the rice fields on the rigjht of the track and on the first rice field 22 Orange Cheeked Waxbills were feeding with around 15 Red Billed firefinch and 12 Bronze Winged Mannikinall of these being closely watched by a male Shikra which was continually wheeling around above.On the second rice field 4 Pied Winged Swallows,12 Little Bee Eater,8 Plantain Eater,1 Yellow Fronted Tinker bird,2 Fine Spotted Woodpecker,2 Bearded Barbet,1 Snowy Crowned Robin Chat,6 Blue Bellied Roller(4 of which were displaying spectaculary) and 8 Red billed hornbill were all noted.A singing male Whistling Cisticola was holding territory at the edge of the field.

Yellow Pansy butterfly and African Tiger Butterfly were very abundant around the lodge.