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Some local Birding news

26/10/2011 19:50

It is still very quiet in our part of Calder valley.Thrush numbers are still very small with the largest flock of Fieldfares about 100 birds on Mill Bank Thornhill a couple of days ago.Thornhill Wetlands has been very quiet for a while though are daily sightings of Common Buzzard over Dewsbury Sewage works.At the same venue some 50 Pied Wagtails this morning along with some 38 common Teal.Also this morning 8 Pochard on the Calder at Earlsheaton this morning,130 Pink Footed Geese flew East this morning at 0900 hours.3 Great Spotted Woodpeckers are visiting the feeders at Kerries Copse on a daily basis but this site has been extremely quiet of late. Dewsbury Sewage Works is very quiet at the moment with virtually no small birds being recorded there (Pied Wagtails excluded).Perhaps a period of North Easterly winds will make a difference.