Its worth a visit

Some local highlights from my local patch over the last 10 days.

08/10/2011 19:09

There is notghing worse than returning home from a birding trip abroad and getting back to survey your local patch particulary when your inland and in between Summer Visitors having departed and the expected arrival of our lte Autumn and Winter birds.

Such was the case for me this week when having newly arrived from Spain I more or less went straight in to the field on my local patch and found it a rather depressingstate of affairs.

On the 20th of September I walked around the Thornhill Wetlands and was dismayed to find the Copse at Kerries almost devoid of birds except for 3 Chaffinch and 2 Jays plus the usual 2 Chiff Chaffs(both still bursting into song every few minutes).

The next day was a slight improvement(21/09/11) as there was 55 Pied Wagtails on the filter beds on the Sewage works at Dewsbury.Around 85 Swallows were hawking over the filter beds along with some 15 Houise Martins and 5 Grey Partridges flushed from the riverbank near the border fence.

Around 80 Linnets were feeding on the stubble in the fields below Pildacre and 2 Redpoll flew South at around 11:15 hours.

A Common Buzzard came in from the North West and was immediately mobbed by 8 Carrion Crows as it made its way slowly Southwards.

Buzzard sightings have become a daily routine involving at least 3 individuals in the valley.Since the 20th of September there was single birds on 21st,23rd,24th,27th and 28th of September.And so far in October single birds on the 3rd and 4th.

A Ring Ouzel was in the copse at Kerries Foods on the 4th of October being located near the border fence with Dewsbury Sewage works.

For the first time in several years there has been regular evidence of a Meadow Pipit passage South Easterly over the fields below Pildacre in Chickenley but nly a tiny fraction of these birds dropped in to feed on the filter beds.

The first signsf Wintering Goosanders apeared on the   5th of October with 8 adult bids mixed sexes arriving on the calder from the North West and setling just oppossite the Willow Plantation before flying off to the East.