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Some recent local Bird News

05/05/2011 19:02

Here we are in the first week of May and it is a good time to assess the status of most of our Summer Visitors which are now back at their breeding sites and in full song.

Certainly some species appear to be holding up well in the Calder Valley and in particular around the Dewsbury/Thornhill and Ossett areas.

Common Whitethroats are back in good numbers with 5 pairs on the Thornhill Wetlands Reserve,there are 3 pairs singing on Dewsbury Sewage Works and at least 8 pairs of birds in the area below Chickenley towards Earlsheaton.

Certainly the Landscaping of land above Dewsbury Sewage works and subsequent tree planting with severalt thousand Poplar and Black Poplar trees being planted some 5 years ago by Kirlees Council is beggining to bear fruit.

the biggest casualty appears to be the Meadow Pipit which is usually recorded in good numbers both in Spring and Autumn as they pass down the Calder Valley  to and from their moorland breeding grounds.So far only 4 birds have been recorded instead of the several hundred a week which are usually recorded around Dewsbury Sewage Works at this time of year.

Lesser Whitethroat is usually a bird recorded on Mill Bank Thornhill at this time of year has up till yesterday been absent.A single bird was singing on Dewsbury Sewage Works yesterday.

Yellow Wagtails have so far failed to turn up in our part of the valley as have White Wagtails.

Willow Warblers and Chiff Chaffs are present in good numbers with 2 pairs breeding on Thornhill Wetlands Reserve.Thornhill Wetlands reserve is also a good place to see Tawny Owl as one as been present there now for severall days(see photo gallery)

There are still good numbers of Black Headed gulls on Dewsbury Sewage works with at least 180 adult birds there yesterday and due to the settled Easterly winds there has been regular numbers of Lesser Black Backed gulls passing to the east over the calder towads Wakefield.

There is at least 6 Common Snipe on Dewsbury Sewage works with at least 3 of the birds in regular display flight drumming their tail feathers as they fly overhead.

Little Ringed Plovers are back on the Sewage works and look set to breed as are 3 pairs of Lapwing.

Oyster Catchers are a constant prescence around the Thornhill Wetlands area and a Grasshopper Warbler,2 Reed warblers and 2 Sedge Warblers are singing in the arera between Ossett and Dewsbury Sewage works.

Latest news is of a Little Egret which was found on the riverbank at Thornhill Wetlands  reserve.The bird flew back and for between the Sewage Works and the factory at Kerrys foods(see Photo gallery).