Its worth a visit

South Westerly winds means quiet birding on our patch but loading up bird feeders on our reserve proves very worthwhile

18/09/2013 18:44

After filling up all the feeders on Kerries Reserve yesterday.,a place where there has been very few small birds of late.It was refreshing to see at least 30 birds coming to the feeders this morning.

All feeders were occupied with 3 Goldfinch on the Nijer seeds,6 Great Tits and 8 Blue Tits on the seed feeders along with 4 Chaffinch,4 Reed buntings,2 Wrens,2 Dunnocks,single Robin all present.

2 Chiff Chaff are still on the Reserve as where 2 Jays and 2 Bullfinch(male and female).

On Dewsbury Sewage Works this morning 38 Lapwing,124 Black Headed gulls,47 Teal,2 Shoveller,3 Chiff Chaff,8 Stock Doves12 Canada Geese,18 Mallard,3 Grey Herons and 2 Water Rails(calling from different locations on the works.

Hirrundines were passing Westwards again this morning but in greatly reduced numbers and these were around 95% House Martins.