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Southerly winds bring out Buzzards flying south this morning

03/09/2013 22:00

3 Common Buzzards flew South this morning in the space of 45 minutes.One bird was being continualy harrased by a rather large accipter(too distant for any proper identification).Also 4 Sparrow Hawks also high in the sky flew South between)9:00 and 10:20 over the same location.

There are still 3 Reed Warblers and a single Sedge warbler on the Sewage Works(2 Reed warbler and 1 Sedge Warbler were also present on the sewage works at Colne Bridge this morning but no sign of Common Whitethroat this morning. 5 Chiff Chaffs are on Dewsbury Sewage Works and 3 of the same specis are on Kerries Reserve Ossett.35 Goldfinches are feeding on thistles on Kerries Reserve.92 starlings are feeding near the Office block on Dewsbury Sewage works.Hirrundine numbers in our area appear to be much reduced from last year during the sasme period with only around 100 birds over the old factory buildings at the bottom of Healy Road Ossett at the moment.

There was no sign of either the Mandarin Ducks or the Little Egret on our patch this morning.