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Spring Migration still slow to get going in our area

05/04/2012 18:03

Although we have had many pleasant and warm days of late the arrival of our Spring and Summer migrants is far from being fluent so far.Sand Martins have made occassional apearences at the colony site at Healy Mills with 7 birds there on the 26th of March then almost daily up to the 5th of April but never into double figures.There has been up to 4 Chiff Chaffs singing on Thornhill Wetlands since the26th of March with 2 singing Blackaps in the Willow Plantation on the 2nd and 3rd of April.A single Swallow was flying around the bottom of Healy Road Osset on the 26th of March but has not been seen since.

It would appear that poor weather on the continent particulary in Spain and across the straits of Gibralter is indicating that most migrants will be arriving late this spring.The arrival of snow on Wednesday the 4th of April caused a noticeable influx of Meadow pipits in to our area particulary in the fields along Horbury Wyke.But this was only a brief influx and by the late afternoon this movement had all but ceased.