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Spring progresses but Summer birds still not all in.

06/05/2019 18:23

A Common Tern drifted slowly Westward along the Calder this morning at 07:45 passing below Mill Bank Thornhill heading towards Dewsbury centre.

There are now around 40 Sand Martins at our local colonies only about 50% of what was present at this time last year.At least 1 new colony has been created but there is at least 80 burrows in a small section of the Calder hopefully numbers will increase soon.

A single Little Ringed Plover is present on Dewsbury Sewage Works with 2 Oyster Catchers

Large Gulls are very much on the increase on the works with a count of around 230 birds consisting of some 210 Herring Gulls mainly 1st and 2nd year birds but 12 birds in full adult plumage.

There where 4 Greater Black Backed Gulls and 16 Lesser Black Backed Gulls.

Black Headed Gulls number aroun440 this morning.

7 singing Reed Warblers where present this morning with 10 singing Blackcaps and 9 displaying Whitethroats

2 Shellduck,4 Teal,4 Gadwall and 4 Goosander where present on or near the sewage works this morning along with 8 Canada Geese and 2 Grey Lag Geese.

A mixed flock of some 40 Hirrundines mainly Sand Martins also contained 10 Swift and where hawking over Saville Town at 10:15

A Kestrel was hunting around the Hotworks area of Earlsheaton all morning.

A Red Kite was over Woodkirk this morning at 11:15 slowly flying Northwards.