Its worth a visit

Springlike Weather brings some breeding birds back early.

23/02/2016 11:54

It was quite a surprise this morning to find 2 Oyster Catchers in display flight along the banks of the river Calder at Saville Town Dewsbury.These birds have had mixed fortunes with breeding in recent years having failed to produce young last year.

3 new Green Sandpipers where on the river Calder at Saville Town this morning very restless.There are 2 Green Sandpipers on Dewsbury Sewage Works also

Also this morning displaying Goosander on the river Calder.One male bird was pursuing its female constantly for about 2 hours refusing to give up.

Also on or around the river Calder between Dewsbury and Ossett 25 Widgeon unmistakeable with their whistling call as they pass overhead.

Shoveller numbers have now reached 32 on Dewsbury Sewage Works with around 180/90 Teal.Also on the same spot 3 Gadwall.

A Common Buzzard was in a hawthorn copse below Pildacre fields Chickenley this morning.2 Chiff Chaffs are also in that area with one bird near the compost heaps below Pidacre Chickenley and another bird on Dewsbury Sewage works.

2 Peregrine Falcons where chasing a flock of Wood Pigeons over the fields at Shaw cross on Sunday morning.