Its worth a visit

Stanley Sewage Works still worth keeping an eye on

31/08/2012 16:28

A recent visit to Stanley Sewage works Wakefield seems to indicate that this site is still worthwhile keepng an eye on.

There are still at least four sewage beds containing some sort of muddy surface and there was 3 Green Sandpipers resting there yesterday lunchtime.

A;so on the site but on the river side there was 3 Common sandpipers on the pebble beds just over the main bank as well as 145 mallard on the works itself

Also on this site there seems still plenty of rough untouched habitat looking encouraging to any passing Winchats or the like

Meanwhile in my own patch there is a superb male Wheatear on the lawn of Thornhill Cricket Club today.

Also on the River calder near Hotworks Mill there is 2 Green Sandpipers and 2 Common Sandpipers mainly sticking to the banks of what is still a quite high river water level.