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Stunning Male Mandarin Duck makes first appearance for several months

30/09/2013 19:14

A male Mandarin Duck is frequenting the area between Hotworks mill Earlsheaton and the bottom of Healy Road Ossett.The bird appeared at 16:10 flying towards Healy Road rom earlsheaton at 16:10 hours today.

Elsewhere on Dewsbury Sewage Works this afternoon 38 Teal,28 Mallard,1 Shoveller,24 Moorhen,4 Coot and c17 Common Snipe.a single Tufted duck was also on the works.

78 Starlings were on wires near the Office Block

There wasc a gentleman with a shotgun on kerries reserve this afternoon and he was advised to leave.Anyone seeing people seeing men with shotguns or similar on or near the Reserve please get in touch with the contacts on this website.