Its worth a visit

Swifts in very good numbers on our local patch today.

24/05/2011 20:19

With very strong WSW  winds today I did not expect to see much activity on our patch today.

However a quick stroll through the Thornhill Wetlands Reserve towards the boundary fence at Dewsbury Sewage Works produced good numbers of both Common Swifts and a healthy selection of Hirrundines .

Up to 500 swifts were hawking above the compost heaps with around 80 to 100 Swallows and some 50 to 60 House Martins making up the numbers.Sand Martins were also in the mix with the 35 or so birds probably part of the local colony on the calder at Ossett making up the majority of birds.

At 15:10 hours a Peregrine Falcon arrived over the reserve and started to dive towards the numbers of Black Headed Gulls and Crows which were feeding on the filter beds at the Eastern end of the sewage works.This bird stayed around for about fifteen minutes before continuing Westwards towards Dewsbury.