Its worth a visit

Tendaba camp

22/06/2010 13:42

Tendaba camp is a must trip for travelling birders and is situated on the riverGambia about 100km from the capital banjul and around 145km from the main town of Serrekunda.Accomodation is rather basic and is in Thatched and whitewashed round houses.There is showers and electricity in each of these and each hut has moquito nets on each bed and the rooms are sprayed each night usually when people are having their evening meals.The meals are unspectacular bur adequate with such local delights such as Bushpig and Lady fish as well as the usual local specialities such as benichem and Dumidon.

The birding is fantastic and is included in the African Bird Clubs top 10 African birding sites.The raptor list is impressive as is the local nitjar sights yielding both Lon tailed and Standard Winged birds as well as Red Necked Nightjars which are common on the roads in certain areas at dusk.My last trip there in march 2009 was very imressive with Swallow tailed Kite,Standard Winged Nightjar and Bronze Winged Courser amongst the list of birds seen(see Photo gallery).

The bar sells a good selection of drinks including a good whisky selection of whisky and spirits.The beers include bottled cold Guinness and the local beer Julbru.