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The first flocks of Pink Feet making their return journey

12/01/2012 18:40

After a very quiet spell in the valley over the last few weeks it was good to see skeins of Pink Footed geese flying North Westerly up the Calder valley yesterday.First of all 59 birds were very low over Mill Bank Thornhill yesterday morning eventually turning right before they reached Dewsbury centre and heading off over Earlsheaton.About an hour later some 250 birds in 2 flocks flew very low over the Windsor Housing estate  going Nort West much to the enjoyment of several residents.

Elsewhere there as been up to 3 Chiff Chaffs present on Thornhill Wetlands reserve with a single report of a very territorial Cettis Warbler also on the reserve.

Song Thrushes are still present in good numbers with at least 8 birds on the Thornhill Wetlands though the usual Winter Thrushes Redwings and Fieldfares are still almost totally absent in our area.

Dewsbury Sewage Works now holds around 200 Teal with around 36 Mallard yesterday.A single Green Sandpiper was present on the works yesterday with around 85 Pied Wagtails(all of which departed to the South East during the morning.

Around 180 Black Headed Gulls were on the new settling tanks yesterday and 5 Common Snipe were flushed from the old lagoons.

There are still no wintering Meadow Pipits on the sewage works and only 3 Goosanders are present on the Calder between Dewsbury and Horbury Bridge.