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The past week on my Birding Patch

20/11/2011 18:52

With winds still hovering around in the South Easterly direction for much of the passed week we are still yet to see the usual arriving Winter Thrush flocs passing through this area in the accustomed numbers.

On Monday the wind was coming geneally from the East with very overcast conditions.These kind of conditions generally create a sort of expectation type of atmosphere and Monday was no exception with small numbers of both Thrushes and finches arriving from the North East and dropping in to the copse at Kerries Foods and in to the area just near the border fence with Dewsbury Sewage works.

Around 100 Goldfinches were feding on Thistles just before the compost heaps below Pildacre fields together with 46 Linnets.

At least 6 Song Thrushes were on the reserve with a count of some 10 Blackbirds feeding on the apples left purposely in the centre of the reserve area.

A Willow Tit is still visiting the feeders on the Reserve almost continuosly along with around 5 Chaffinched,3 Reed buntings and 3 Great Spoted Woodpeckers.8 Blue Tits ,7 Great Tits and the reserve at the moment holds 5 Robins.There has been no sightings of the late staying Chiff Chaff on the reserve this week.


It was nice to see a party of some 32 Redpolls drop out of the sky and feed on some of the Alder trees right in the centre of the reserve on Monday morning at around 09:20 hours.

This week must have been a good week fr the passing of Pink Footed geese as we heard several skeins passing over the valley flying Eastwards(with the extremely heavy clouds situations this week the birds were obviousely above the clouds and was it not for their distincive calls as they pass overhead we would never have any idea of their passing.

There has been some excellent movements of Geese in the Huddersfield area this week with one day recording over 1200 Pink Feet.

Water Rail are still very noisy on Kerries reserve this week with one bird calling on Wednesday from the banks of the river Calder.