Its worth a visit

Things can only get better as Sand Martins arrive back at local breeding sites.

04/04/2020 10:09

Amidst all the doom and gloom persisting all of us at the moment.And despite what has for me localy been a slow start to the Spring migration season it was nice to go out for a short walk this morning and have local Sand Martins circling around my head near their local breeding sites.As I was walking along the Calder as part of my daily excercise routine all of a sudden 4 birds appeared from nowhere and after inspecting me for a couple of minutes carried on Westwards up the river.Its nice to have positive signs that things are progressing in the right direction as they surely will in the present terrible situation.

Oystercatchers are displaying noisily around the Horbury Junction area and in Pildacre Ossett

Local bird records seem to have dried up no doubt due to the grounding of many birdwatchers junction area and theres at least 8 singing Chiff Chaffs between Ossett and Dewsbury this morning.

Common Buzzards are starting to become a regular feature in more areas than ever with birds soaring over Calder Grove,M1 motorway at Kirkhamgate,Gawthorpe nr Ossett,Earlsheaton Dewsbury,Heckmondwyke,and Batley around Hanging Heaton andon the Ossett Bypass between Shaw Cross and Ossett.Regular displays are taking place over Thornhill so for this species they appear to have never had it so good.

Goosanders are paired and are showing signs of courtship display at at least 3 sites on the calder localy and it was nice to see Kingfishers chasing each other around Thornhill andHorbury Bridge this morning.